What is Youlu?
The Youlu Address Book is a smarter smart phone address book with a range of the following compelling features:
A. Search – Find contacts with lightning quick speed
Simply start typing on your keypad to search contacts by name or number with most regularly contacted people displaying first.

B. Youlu Messenger - Functional and easy-to-use instant messenger
Registered Youlu users can send instant messages via Youlu Messenger to other Youlu users, send photos and voice messages, and do group chat.
See which of your contacts are online and directly ping them to chat right from your contact list. To best use this feature we recommend to suggest to your preferred contacts to install Youlu on their phones as well.
* To use Youlu Messenger to send a message to a contact, that contact must have an active cell phone number in their profile since a text message will be sent if that contact is offline
* Data volume reference – sending 200 messages will use less than 100 kilobytes of data

C. Backup – Put your data online and put your mind at ease
1) Sync your contact list with Youlu.com and never worry about losing your contacts along with your phone again
2) After the first synchronization with your phone and Youlu.com, future syncing is fast and simple
3) Fear not – if a sync fails for whatever reason, the next session will fully sync up your phone with the online backup.
4) Easily select whether to sync with the phone version or the online backup version
5) Conveniently roll back the datat you've synced to earlier states
* Roll back feature is now available on Symbian. Soon available for iPhone and Android

Note: The Youlu Address Book differs slightly between the different mobile operating systems of
Android iPhone Symbian